Chapter 8 – Centaure Data

8.1 Survey Results

8.1.1 Explanations for Colors and Symbols

8.1.1 Legend – Information in survey printed in 

  • blue                                             Civilian Model/C-series
  • brown                                         Regular New Model Army (variations)
  • green                                           Marshal Model (variations)
  • red                                               assumed/pending confirmation
  • violet                                           Cavalry Model/F-series

S/N                                                    serial number

Manufactured                               year of production/proof

Dealer                                              name of dealer or importer found on pistol

Barrel                                               8”, 7,5”, 5,5” barrel length

Barrel marking

  • 1960NMA                                    “1960 NEW MODEL ARMY”
  • CTM                                             CENTENNIAL TRADE MARK
  • CU                                                CHICAGO U.S.A. (for Centennial Corp., Chicago)

Barrel, cylinder and frame marks

  • 44                                                  CAL: 44 (barrel)
  • *C, *D, *H, *R, *S, *T, *U, *Z   inspector mark (sideways, on barrel, cylinder, frame)
  • CoR                                                Crown over R (barrel lug)
  • ELG                                               ELG over * in oval (cylinder)
  • P                                                     perron (barrel, cylinder, frame)

Cylinder Scene

  • 1843                                               legend ENGAGED 16 MAY 1843
  • Centaure                                       Centaure proprietary naval engagement scene    
  • Colt                                                            Colt/Ormsby-type naval engagement scene
  • CPN                                               legend COLTS PATENT N° plus S/N
  • plain                                              no roll-engraving


  • 3s                                                   3-screw frame
  • 4s                                                  4-screw frame
  • L                                                     Centaur logo
  • rsc                                                  recoil shield cut for stock
  • rsnc                                                recoil shield not cut for stock


  • o                                                     oiled grip
  • MIB                                               marking MADE IN BELGIUM (butt strap, barrel lug, yoke of                                                       shoulder stock)
  • tnc                                                  toe not cut for stock
  • tc                                                    toe cut for stock
  • v                                                     varnished grip


  • b                                                     blued
  • cch                                                 color case hardened
  • hgp                                                 high gloss polish/”in the white”
  • np                                                   nickel plated
  • sp                                                   trigger guard/back-strap silver plated
  • ss                                                    stainless steel

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