Welcome Friends – FROCS

Welcome Friends – FROCS

September 18, 2020 News 7

Welcome to the website dedicated to enthusiasts of the 1860 New Model Army (1860NMA) reproduction known as the Centaure. To celebrate the Centennial of the United States Civil War, Centennial arms commissioned a reproduction of the Colt 1860NMA made by FAUL in Belgium and imported into the US. Less than 14,000 were made. In 2007, Wolf and Paden started a project to collect data and information about these pistols. This site contains more than 5 GB of data and pictures about these beautiful Centaurs.

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  1. Hot from the press: Madame Nadine Hanquet, last President of our favorite Belgian gun maker Fabrieques d’Armes Unies de Liège (F.A.U.L.) shared important knowledge with us recently. It is about the only twenty (20) Regular New Model Armies factory engraved in Presentation grade between 1971 and 1973. For a few years we know that René Delcour, instructor at Léon Mignon l’Ecole de Gravure (engraving college) in Liège and world-class engraver, was charged with the F.A.U.L. factory engraving program.
    What Madame shared only Dec. 5, 2020, howeveer is this piece of information. The ivory grips were carved and fitted to these 20 Presentations by one Roger Meurens. Meurens was another instructor at this famous Belgian engraving college and colleague with Delcour.

  2. Yesterday at German Egun internet auction house: A factory engraved Centaure Regular New Model Army in Deluxe grade, i.e. the lowest grade of engraving on high gloss polish available with centaur emblems in the grips available from the factory was sold at a whopping € 1,510.00!
    That is the highest price reach so far for this variant.
    The high price earlier this year was € 1,250.00 only.
    Centaures seem to be a good investment.
    Hope you pards and pardettes stocked early!
    Long Johns Wolf

  3. The chapter on the factory engraved Centaures has been updated a couple of times during the last weeks.
    Madame Hanquet, last President of F.A.U.L., shared a few new facts, particularly regarding the 20 only in Presentation grade embellished RNMAs.
    Long Johns Wolf

  4. More hot news before Christmas.
    In case you are on facebook – I am not – there are two groups that might be of interest to you.
    One is a Centaure & FROCS group, the other one a Santa Barbara Remington New Model 1862 group.
    Here are the links:

    Seasonal Greetings,
    Long Johns Wolf

  5. Alan Luckey says:

    Does anyone know where to get a replacement wedge screw for a Centaure? The 2nd Gen Colt 1860 fits, but none available since 2017, according to Numrich.

  6. Send me a PM, Alan.
    Long Johns Wolf

  7. 2022 – fifteen (15) years of our Centaure & FROCS website http://www.1960nma.org.
    Thanks, Paden, for taking good care of us, burning the midnight oil to create the site in the first place and providing a venue for the FROCS and Centaure aficionados to meet and exchange views.
    Thanks, Paden for protecting the site by fighting off invaders, highjackers and hackers.
    I know this save keeping was a tough job more than once.
    Where would we be without you, my friend?
    Thanks a bunch, take care and keep on the good work.
    Long Johns Wolf

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